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But how are we telling stories today? And how are we receiving them?

Storytelling is at the heart of Frankfurter Buchmesse, and has been for 500 years. But how are we telling stories today? And how are we receiving them? Immersive media are transforming traditional storytelling, taking stories from the past and putting them into real time. Engagement, immersion, and escapism are making it possible to engage with stories like never before. Join us as we meet the storymakers of today!

Chapter 1: Why Immersive Technology Matters For Publishers
Stephanie Riggs, author, narrative designer and most recently Creative Director of Refinery29, talks about the future of immersion and how this is the story of and for the next generation.

Chapter 2: Ceci n’est pas un book. A new paradigm for publishing
Antoine Tanguay, founder and publisher of Alto, an independent publishing house from Québec City, is on a mission to innovate publishing and find new ways to tell stories. The Evaporated is a transmedia project that illustrates the power of creating a universe, not just a book.   

Chapter 3: Taking the Legacy of the Grimm Brothers into the Future
Félix Lajeunesse and Paul Raphaël of Félix & Paul Studios present how they took the Brothers Grimm fairy tale “The Seven Ravens” as a template for a spellbinding story experience.

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Stephanie Riggs

Creative Director

Félix Lajeunesse

Creative Director, Felix & Paul Studios

Paul Raphaël

Creative Director, Felix & Paul Studios

Antoine Tanguay

Founder and Publisher, Alto Editions, Canada

Holger Volland

Vice President and Founder of The Arts +, Frankfurter Buchmesse