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Audiobook Production: Keeping Up With Demand and Creating Listening Experiences

A session and discussion on best practice and new opportunities in audiobook production

The audiobook market is booming and with it the scope and innovation of productions. Long gone are the days when an audiobook was simply a book that was narrated - today’s audiobooks are listening experiences. As new genres are adapted for audio, multicast productions are growing and audio-first content is trialled, so too are challenges in production. Finding voice artists for the growing number of titles coming into the market can be difficult, as can the balance between high-profile and volume-oriented productions. This session looks at some of the award-winning productions in the market, as well as best practice in production.

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Amanda D'Acierno

Random House Audio Publishing Group, US

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Martin Johs. Møller

Swann Studio

Michele Cobb

Audio Publishers Association

Colleen Prendergast