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Boclips: Bringing the world’s best videos safely into the classroom

Our classrooms are changing, but does technology drive student engagement?

At Boclips, we believe that all students should have access to captivating learning materials.

Come hear from the winner of Outsell's 2019 Emerging Company of the Year Award, Boclips, about how captivating video has proven pedagogical power.

90% of educators agree or strongly agree that video plays a critical role in education, and 92% of educators believe video helps them to be more effective teachers. 

This is because video is powerful when Introducing complex concepts, is able to provide real-world context, and reinforce ideas.

A recent Gallop poll of a million U.S. students , found that only half of adolescents report feeling engaged in school, and a fifth are actively disengaged. About 10 percent of students are classified as both disengaged and discouraged.

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