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Online exhibition of semi-abstract figurative paintings by contemporary Indian artists

Exhibition dates: 13th – 18th Oct. 2020 

At http://www.gallerypradarshak.com/2020/10/online-exhibition-natura-by-dhimant-vyas.html

Entry: No charge

In the current online painting exhibition titled “Natura,” (Latin for nature), the artist works with a new style synthesised from a fusion of folk art and imaginative world art. At its base are Mother Nature and her many fascinating representations in Indian folk art. She anchors this series, probably representing his deep concern about her erosion in our race for urbanisation and a sense of urgency to get reconnected with her.

His paintings lend both, solidity with their details, and otherworldliness to his work. And Dhimant views characters, culture, emotions, and instances through this layered lens. Consequently, the narratives are sometimes poignant, sometimes funny, and sometimes even trippy.

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