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Chinese Learning Pen is a new addition to the Chinese Reading and Writing series. It is a digital device which can bring out high quality audio output from the textbooks. Chinese Learning Pen helps students accelerate the process of Chinese character reco

When starting to learn how to read and write Chinese, it is always a challenge for beginner students to read out all Chinese characters even when students can recognise their meanings. What students need is a tool to help them quickly establish the connections between Chinese characters and their visual images, especially when reading longer Chinese texts.
Our latest product, Chinese Learning Pen, is such a perfect tool that helps students make tremendous progress rapidly.
MSL Master is always trying to find new ways to improve the learning environment of Chinese learners. As we explore, experiment, and bring in new method into Chinese teaching and learning, a new technology stands out. It works with traditional paper books and gives paper books additional features which they do not have before.
Even though many publishers are eager to replace paper textbooks with digital ones, we are more interested in keeping the old fashioned paper textbooks, but make them better with digital tools.Traditional paper textbooks have great advantages that digital books don't have.
First of all, paper books are something that students can hold in their hands. The texture of the paper and the binding make paper books look different and feel different from a computer or a tablet. This feeling is dear to many students. 
Secondly, paper textbooks offer students opportunities and flexibilities to jump from page to page at ease. Students can quickly go over ten pages in two minutes, or spend an hour on a single page. 
Thirdly, students can quickly write down notes or leave a mark on paper textbooks. These notes and marks are personal memories and can be very helpful for future studies.
Lastly, content of the textbooks is automatically well structured through physical paper. Students can grasp this structure instantly once they flip through a few pages. 
With all these advantages staying intact, the new technology allows us to reproduce the Chinese Reading and Writing books with high quality sound integrated into the pages. This new feature lends great help for students to build up their fifth language skill, a unique skill in learning Chinese, which is associating the sound of Chinese characters with their visual images. Students can target any specific texts in the book, and listen to native-Chinese voicing. Chinese Learning Pen also helps students get access to additional support. A higher level of interactivity is thus brought into students’ learning.

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