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Croatia and Rijeka 2020: in the Heart of Europe

A Look into Croatia's Future

The year 2020 is undeniably going to be a very important one for Croatia. Firstly, Croatia ist going to take over the Council Presidency of the EU during the first half of the year – an opportunity to put diversity and human rights at the heart of both the international and Croatian political and cultural discussion. Following this, Rijeka will become the European Capital of Culture in 2020. Among the motto \"Port of Diversity\", this harbour city will introduce its multicultural heritage and contemporary cultural scene to a broad European audience. In this respect, we will pose the question whether and to which extent literary festivals can increase the awareness of diversity and alterity?

© Sarah Jane Eyre



Kleyerstraße 46 - 48
60326 Frankfurt am Main

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Roman Simić

Festival der europäischen Kurzgeschichte

Caroline Michel

Hay Festival

Dr. Jelena Spreicer