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Artur Dyro – a CEO of Learnetic SA and a co-founder of Young Digital Planet will show you how Pearson reacted to students' and teachers' needs in 2020. Artur will focus on the process of choosing and customizing LMS and on coursebooks digitisation service

If you would like to hear more about how one of the biggest and most experienced publishers went from print to digital during pandemic lockdown you must attend Artur Dyro's presentation. Artur will show you the details about Pearson's impressive actions: what were the crucial features of their new Learning Management System, what ideas and functionalities were the most important for their users, and how long it took to make it fully ready for deployment.

The second part of the presentation will focus on content creation service – especially on the creation of fully interactive and responsive ebooks that work on every device and motivate students to learn. What was the scope of the project, the key features and technologies chosen to make it happen – Artur will answer these and many more questions.

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