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Graphic Novels from Lithuania: Siberian Haiku

Presentation from the graphic novel SIBERIAN HAIKU

The graphic novel SIBERIAN HAIKU (“Sibiro haiku”) was written by Jurga Vilė, illustrated by Lina Itagaki and published by Aukso žuvys in Lithuania. Jurga Vilė and Sigita Pūkienė will be talking about how the idea of the book was born, how the author’s family story became the main source to revive the historical memories and to make them relevant for contemporary context. Sonja Matheson will be talking about the importance of bringing this graphic novel into the German language. The book will be published by Baobab Books, Switzerland, in 2020. This event has been kindly supported by the Lithuanian Culture Institute.



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60327 Frankfurt am Main

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Jurga Vilè


Sigita Pūkienė

Aukso žuvys, Lithuania

Sonja Matheson

Baobab Books, Switzerland

Mariela Nagle

Mundo Azul, Berlin