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Three talented Indonesian cosplayers who represent 3 generations of Indonesian cosplayers, Pinky Lu Xun, a pioneer Indonesia’s cosplayer, Naru, a world champion cosplayer, and Punipun, cute cosplayer with global appeal., will tell their experience.

Indonesia’s cosplay scene has been growing rapidly in the last 10 years, with cosplay-related events held almost every weekend. The popularity of cosplay culture was triggered by the popularity of Japanese manga and anime since the 80s. Beside growing in numbers, Indonesian cosplayers are also known for their great achievements in International Cosplay events all over the world. They had won numerous times inWorld Cosplay Summit and their reputation is recognized abroad. In this video, we would like to introduce 3 talented Indonesian cosplayers who represent 3 generations of Indonesian cosplay scenes. Pinky Lu Xun is the pioneer of Indonesia’s cosplayer, Naru is a world champion cosplayer with expertise in armor costume making, and Punipun represents a new generation of cosplayers with global appeal and exposures. The three of them will share their experience and opinion on the trend in Indonesia’s cosplay scene as well as the challenges ahead. This event is part of the Frankfurt Book Fair - Special Edition and can be watched at the given time on the following Twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/animexxde



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