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Singapore EdTech - JULES created the Award-Winning “School of Fish”- the World’s 1st B2B Digital Literacy curriculum leveraging gamification, mobile technology & hybrid learning to teach “Computational Thinking & Netiquette”

We face a global learning crisis as our 200 years old knowledge-based education is obsolete. We need equip our youngest minds with new “thinking and digital skills” for the 21st century. 

Hence, JULES created the “School of Fish”- the World’s 1st B2B Digital Literacy curriculum teaching “Computational Thinking & Netiquette” to Pre-schoolers. Our ground-breaking curriculum uses gamification and mobile to teach children complex concepts by immersing in an adventure to solve puzzles. “Non-technical” teachers can deliver our curriculum which is adaptable across multiple learning formats- traditional classroom , hybrid or virtual.

Winning multiple global awards since 2017, including IMS Global Learning Award 2019 in Simulation & Immersive Learning, World Summit Award 2019 in Education & 2020 Runner-up Bett Global EdTech Startup Awards

Reaching 15,000 children across 150 schools in Singapore & China. School of Fish will also be piloted by UNICEF & Vietnam MOET pilot in Oct 2020.

PLEASE JOIN OUR ZOOM CALL (ID 86177834073) ON OCT 14   1430H-1530H PM



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Co-Founder & Director Strategic Partnerships, JULES Corporation