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These online courses focuses on teaching beginner students how to read and write Chinese, not only Chinese characters, but also Chinese texts, such as conversations and narratives.

There is a common misconception about the connections between Chinese characters and Chinese texts, that Chinese texts are made up with 2000-3500 Chinese characters. This misconception seems right, but it is not. It is like claiming that English texts are made up with 26 letters. The truth is that learning 26 letters is only the first step. 26 letters alone will not get us anywhere. Using the same logic, learning 2000-3500 characters will not equip anyone to be able to read Chinese texts. Different from learning 26 letters, learning 2000-3500 Chinese characters is certainly much more difficult.

This is the first contribution that the Chinese Reading and Writing series made to learners of Chinese worldwide. The entire series limits the usage of characters, teaching only 320 essential ones.

Between Chinese characters and Chinese texts, there is a crucial element, which links characters and texts, and that element is words and combinations. Word and combinations are the building blocks of Chinese texts, and should be at the center of everyone’s study.

This is the second contribution that the series of Chinese Reading and Writing books made, teaching sufficient words and combinations to train beginner students to read and write Chinese texts.

Before, students have to come to MSL Master to study these courses. Now they don’t have to. They’ll have access to these courses online.

Watch a demo lesson here.

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