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Part 1: Projekt DEAL and the Anatomy of a Transformative Agreement for Open Access Publishing

Learn how innovative Projekt DEAL will transform access to scholarly publishing in Germany.

In January, John Wiley & Sons announced a three-year partnership with Projekt DEAL, a representative of nearly 700 academic institutions in Germany. The “transformative agreement” provides Projekt DEAL institutions with access to read Wiley’s academic journals back to the year 1997, as well as for their researchers to publish articles open access in Wiley’s journals, all for a single annual fee. Two key participants in the negotiations – Wiley’s Deirdre Silver and Max Planck’s Ralf Schimmer – join CCC’s Roy Kaufman to explore how the deal will operate and how it may serve as a model for “advancing open science, driving discovery, and developing and disseminating knowledge.” Moderated by CCC’s Christopher Kenneally.



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