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Part 2: The Future of Transformative Agreements: Subscriptions, Rights & Open Access

Experts offer insights on “transformative agreements” and other important changes in OA publishing.

Judging by their growing number, “transformative agreements” will play a prominent role in the Open Access dimension of scholarly publishing over the years ahead. Many types of transformative agreements exist, though all move journals from subscription-based to contractually-based business models. Such a change raises important questions for all stakeholders involved. How can systems and tools support the needs of researchers, institutions and funders? What data is needed to track the efficacy of Transformative Agreements? In the absence of tools and frameworks, how can publishers guide the institutional sales team to negotiate the right deal? A panel of licensing, publishing and technology experts will offer their insights. Moderated by CCC’s Christopher Kenneally.



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Mr. Christopher Kenneally

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Ms. Sybille Geisenheyner

Royal Society of Chemistry

Mr. James Milne

Journal Publishing Group, American Chemical Society

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Ms. Susie Winter

Springer Nature