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Read and Publish deals: How to achieve a transformative deal and what to look out for along the way

Dagmar Laging, VP Inst. Sales, will share what goes on behind the scenes to make these deals work

Read and Publish deals are hugely important in enabling, at scale, the transition to open access (OA). Springer Nature has been supporting transformative deals since 2014 and with new agreements reached this year with Norway and Projekt DEAL in Germany, now has over 10 in place. However, the stark fact is that agreeing such deals is complex for numerous reasons and can be particularly difficult for smaller publishers. Join a conversation with Dagmar Laging, VP Institutional Sales Springer Nature, who has been at the forefront of negotiating these deals where she will share her experience into what works, what doesn’t, what’s important, what to watch out for, and importantly, what she has learnt over the years and how this helps shape Springer Nature’s approach going forward.

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© Susie Winter | Springer Nature

Susie Winter

Director of External Communications & Engagement, Springer Nature

© Dagmar Laging | Springer Nature

Dagmar Laging

VP Institutional Sales, Springer Nature