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UniTouch- Agile Digital Transformation

Launch of the Innovative Publishing Solutions

UniTouch- An enhanced Digital Publishing Platform & Content Solution

A flexi platform, needed for the uniform integration with Publisher’s current architecture. This flexibility in the platform framework allows publisher’s to apply any or all the combination of UniTouch Modules.

UniTouch is the umbrella term includes a collection of content solution modules. 

These solution modules cover the entire production phases of any publishing house.

Our deep insight and experience of the Publishing industry have guided us to create these set of digital publishing and content solutions tools.

Lets explore and discuss the feasibility of integrating it within your ecosystem.

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Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1
60327 Frankfurt am Main

DigiScape Tech Solutions Ltd.
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Mr. Vinay Kumar Singh

CEO, DigiScape

Mr. Satya Pal

COO, DigiScape

Ms. Gulshan Kaul

AVP, DigiScape