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Wie liest man in Südostasien?

Wie und was lesen die Menschen in Südostasien?

Riding the subway or other forms of public transportation in most South East Asian metropoles means watching people on their cell phones. But now in Jakarta you can now borrow a book at one metro station and return in at the end the journey. Do people read a lot in South East Asia? What do they read? And how do they read? This panel looks at society, reading habits, and the unique initiatives now being undertaken in South East Asia to bolster the reading habit.

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Mrs. Laura Prinsloo

Chair, National Book Committee of Indonesia

Mr. Arief Hakim

President, Malaysia Book Publishers Association

Ms. Neni Sta. Romana Cruz

Chair, National Book Development Board of the Philippines

Ms. Thi Hoa Phuong Khuc

Director, Women's Publishing House, Vietnam

Dr. Gerardo Los Banos

Deputy Director, University of the Philippines Press