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Learn more about the EU project and its content innovation network

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Simone Lippold

Even though every content sector has its unique set-up and is full of creative potential, each sector faces similar basic challenges nowadays: From a lack of funding and investment, a culture that suggests an unwillingness to adapt to innovative approaches and emerging audiences up to a silo mentality that leads to insufficient communication between politics, institutions and companies even though they could benefit from each other. The EU project creativeSHIFT aims to bring like-minded people together, amplify their voices and shape the future of the content industries together. The goal of the cross-sector project is to build a sustainable creative community and make room for cross-sector and cross-country collaboration to build a thriving and resilient ecosystem for content innovation in the European Union.

The EU project is being implemented by Börsenvereinsgruppe in cooperation with Media Deals, MEDIAPRO, SpielFabrique, Music Innovation Hub (MIH), the Federation of European Publishers (FEP) and the European Music Council (EMH). You can learn more about the project, its team and how to join the network at the official project website creativeshift.eu.


Dear Simone, could you please describe your job and your connection to Frankfurter Buchmesse and THE ARTS+?

Simone: I joined Frankfurter Buchmesse from 2012 till 2019 where I was involved with THE ARTS+ from 2016 on as project manager for EU innovation projects. End of 2019, I transferred to the Börsenverein Holding and took over the lead of corporate development for the entire group as well as the role of "Head of Innovation Development".


The slogan of creativeSHIFT is “Bringing content value to a next level“? How do you see the content industries developing during the next five years - what will be the biggest trends and challenges?

Simone: Let me tell you my hope - because that is basically what creativeSHIFT ist all about: I hope that the different sectors of the content industries will work together more closely, find synergies and develop new perspectives and products together. We have to be aware that competition is getting stronger, digitalisation is pushing sectors to transform, financing is challenging as it is.  Within the creativeSHIFT project we will start to tackle those challenges. We defined 10 specific challenges, that all content sectors are facing. Withing the creativeSHIFT community, using a cross-sectoral approach, we seek sustainable solutions and developments for a healthy content industry ecosystem. 

When does the next creativeSHIFT event take place?

Simone: The creativeSHIFT Inspirathon will take place on 24 and 25 November. On the 24th we will get together at The Hof (note: free registration is now possible) – which is also open for interested people, who are not (yet) part of the community. We invite everybody to take the chance to join this The Hof event and get to know the creativeSHIFT community and talk about the future of content industries in Europe.


Thank you very much for the interview, Simone!