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The Magic of Holography

We´re looking forward to welcome Maya Kodes, a holographic pop star, at THE ARTS+.

Maya is the creation of Yves St-Gelais and the developers at Neweb Labs, a canadian production company specialized in holographic motion capture experience and artificial intelligence.

In our interview, Yves St-Gelais shares the secret of Maya´s story and gives us an insight of what to expect at THE ARTS+.

Mr. Yves St-Gelais, Maya Kodes is the world’s first interactive holographic pop star – how did you come up with the idea to create her and why?

Yves St-Gelais: Maya is the result of the latest advances in real-time animation and holography. If it is possible to film, then why make animation? Animation is the art of the impossible. The idea is to create an interactive musical character capable of impossible performances, to create spectacular events that go much further than the traditional concerts we are used to. The fact that she’s interactive makes her human, since she has emotions. She is a living virtual being that comes out of cyberspace to meet humans. On stage, she interacts and answers the questions from the audience. She sings and dances with people in the crowd.


How do Maya Kodes´ shows work? How does she come to life?

Yves St-Gelais: Maya Kodes is a pure product of the imagination, a digital code from cyberspace that came into the world thanks to the magic of holography.

For a long time, she remained hidden in the depths of the internet in our computer lab, until one day an accident allowed her to break through from cyberspace into reality. Since she has access to our world, she seeks by every means to be accepted by humans. She took a human form but quickly realized that to be loved by us, there was a medium through which she could come into contact with us and be accepted.  And that was through the universal language of music.  Ever since that day, she sings and dances joyfully, to seduce us and make friends!


What makes Maya Kodes unique?

Yves St-Gelais: Maya Kodes is the first and only holographic musical avatar that exists in the world. She is a unique phenomenon that has no equal. Be a part of the 21st century and make sure you go to Neweb Labs stand for a chance to see her and talk to her.


Neweb Labs will be a part of THE ARTS+ exhibitors hall – what awaits the visitors at the MAYA KODES stand?

Yves St-Gelais: A virtual show out of the ordinary with the musical avatar Maya Kodes – an interactive digital pop star. Maya leads us into her unique musical universe; it’s an immersive experience into artificial intelligence, virtual reality and cyberspace.

Thank you so much for your time, Mr St-Gelais, we can´t wait to see you at #theartsplus!




Maya Kodes bei THE ARTS+

Maya Kodes - Hilography

Live Hologram – Hey Song from Neweb Labs

Maya Kodes - Holography