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Doing Rights Right: How Has a Rights Registry in Music Increased Sales and Reduced Pain Points?

19. Oktober 2024
Live now
Goethe Institut New York

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Doing Rights Right: Making the Case for Change How does the work the Rights Committee has been doing support the case for change?

Panel moderated by Miriam Miller. 


Every day, organizations and individuals seek rights and permissions for intellectual property whose owners are difficult to reach, ambiguous, or unknown. The supply chain for rights frustrates anyone trying to negotiate a fair deal, and globally, millions of dollars are left on the table each year. An operational set of standards and global best practices for efficient, effective, legally sound rights licensing continues to elude us. With the support of Frankfurter Buchmesse, the Book Industry Study Group was pleased to bring together rights professionals from the book industry and beyond for "Doing Rights Right: Making the Case for Change" on Friday, January 19 at the Goethe Institute in NYC. This hybrid event explored opportunities and conveyed the urgent need for a concerted, collaborative effort to be made to solve challenges in book rights.