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Eudicom: a new resource for comics publishers!

20. Oktober 2021
Live now
Frankfurt Studio Inside Publishing | Livestream

If you are a comics publisher looking for ways to bring your business into the digital era, then Eudicom is the solution for you! 

Eudicom is a Creative Europe project led by Izneo and tailored to the needs of comics publishers interested in digitalising their catalogue and distributing comics online. Eudicom is delivering state-of-the-art capacity building with webinars and content all available at no charge.  

Join us to learn all about Eudicom (Eudicom.eu), to know how to participate in our activities and to gain insights on the European comics market: there’s no better place to learn about the potentialities of digital comics in Europe! 


This is how you can attend the event:

Watch this Frankfurt Studio event free of charge via the livestream at www.buchmesse.de. Fair visitors can watch live on our LED screen at the outdoor viewing area Agora.