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STARTS Day: On View

22. Oktober 2021
Live now
Frankfurt Studio Inside Publishing | Livestream

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What are you going to see? Facial recognition, AI and machine learning–the human being in a world of data. Dejha Ti and Ania Catherine on their immersive experiential artwork "On View" 


Digital technology now permeates our entire lives (not only in our working world, but also in our private and social lives). The human being as user is constantly exposed online to various addictive interfaces, facial recognition and data capitalism. In the immersive experiential artwork ‘On View’ the spectator is, at the same time, an actor at the center of the art experience, interacting in a virtual world—without knowing it. This art experience sheds light on what actually happens when you sign Terms & Conditions online, unaware that you may have signed up for facial recognition and other personal data to be used. This leads to a discussion about how technologies such as AI and machine learning used, data protection, privacy, and surveillance capitalism.