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Uuna Ltd. - Three real-world must-dos and case studies to deliver change well in a transforming Publishing landscape

10. Oktober 2023
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  • Join us to discover how to deliver successful, sustainable change
  • Hear about how to make rapid improvements in your change efforts to accelerate business outcomes and achieve strategic aims
  • Learn how to lead and think about change so that you stay ahead, in an industry that’s shifting at pace

Evolving market dynamics and a rapid shift to digital is transforming the way you need to think about your value chain and operations, to delight customers and employees.

Or in Academic Publishing, you may be tackling Open Access, an increased focus on Researchers and shifts to Transformative Agreements, to name a few.

So that might mean embedding new operating models and technology, organizational changes, and driving effective and efficient ways of working and continuous improvement.

We're excited to share three real-world case studies and invaluable change principles that have been shaped through experience, as cornerstones of effective change management in Publishing.

Invest your time with us to simplify your change approach, focus on business outcomes and alignment, put your people at the heart, and elevate how you lead change in your organisation.


Uuna – People and data-led change solutions deeply tailored to you

Who are we and how we can help

Together, we’re a hand-picked community of expert Transformation, Change and Communication specialists who have done this before. We combine our collective experience and deep insights, partnering with you to enable you to deliver strategy effectively in Publishing for a sustainable future.

Uuna is based on the Latin word for together.

What we do

At Uuna we work together with you to develop and implement change strategy

  • Creating cohesive cross-organizational change and communications plans
  • Tailoring change solutions deeply to needs and scale of your business from start-ups and specialist memberships/publishing bodies to large Publishing organisations

Whilst we draw on tied and tested ways to deliver change, our value is that we deeply tailor plans to your needs and specific context

  • We partner with you to manage change in a structured and outcome focused way to deliver strategy
  • We enable your leaders to inspire your people to come together behind shared strategic goals
  • We create the optimal conditions to plan and help embed new ways of working to move your organisation forward
  • We build capability within client teams to sustain change and drive continuous improvement