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Berry Wiersum, SAPPI

Berry Wiersum

Sappi Europe S.A.

Berry Wiersum has been CEO of Sappi Europe S.A. since 2007. He started his career at ICI Fibres, became President of Amoco Fabrics (Europe), then the President of Amoco Chemicals (Europe), and when Amoco was taken over by BP, he moved to BP to assist with the integration of the two groups in Europe. He subsequently joined Pechiney S.A. in France and ran the CEBAL packaging division until he was recruited as Managing Director of the Packaging division of Kappa Packaging BV (The Netherlands). He was chairman of the European Association of Graphic Paper Producers from 2015 – 2016. Wiersum is a leader in the European pulp and paper industry, recently diversifying into specialities and paper for packaging.