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Perry Moree


Dr. Perry Moree

CEO of ZB, IFLA Treasurer
ZB –Library of Zeeland, The Netherlands

Perry Moree (Vlaardingen, The Netherlands, 1960) is a Dutch librarian and historian who currently leads the ZB –Library of Zeeland. He became CEO in 2015. He is a graduate of Leiden University where he studied Maritime History and Economics. Previously he worked as CFO of the National Library of the Netherlands (KB) and as executive vice president Finance & Operations of Brill Academic Publishers NV and Brill USA, Inc. He has been involved in IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions) since 1999 as chair of various IFLA-sections, as division chair and as member of the Governing Board. In 2021 he became the first chosen Treasurer of IFLA. He is treasurer of the GO Fund (financial support of innovative library projects) and author of books and articles on maritime history (specialization: Dutch East India Company), movie history, literature, and library topics.

The institute that Dr. Moree currently leads is unique in the Netherlands. It basically combines all existing Dutch library types (except the national one) in one organization: various public libraries in Zeeland, the provincial library association (or POI), the academic library for Zeeland’s University College Roosevelt (in Middelburg), and the heritage library of Zeeland (rare books and manuscripts, and the Zeeland collection of books and journals).