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Katja Stergar, Slovenian Book Agency

Katja Stergar

International Cooperations
Slovenian Book Agency
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Katja Stergar is in charge of international cooperation and promotion of Slovenian literature abroad, first at the Ministry for Culture, then at the Slovenian Book Agency. Since 2008 she organizes Slovenian stands and programme at international book fairs and is in charge of the project “Slovenia, Guest of Honour at Bologna Book Fair 2022”. She coordinates international tenders for translation of Slovenian literature into foreign languages and international projects at the Slovenian Book Agency. As a lecturer she takes part in international seminars and conferences. Since 2009 she is a representative of Slovenia in the international network Traduki. She is also active in the field of children's and YA literature: as a reviewer, through the Golden Pear Awards project for best Slovenian children’s and YA literature and as Slovenian coordinator of “Every Story Matters - Making books more inclusive” project.