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Rebecca Servadio

Managing Partner & Literary Scout
London Literary Scouting

Rebecca Servadio is a literary scout, leading London Literary Scouting which is an international scouting agency that scouts, reads, consults and recommends books. First and foremost Rebecca is an avid and curious reader. Rebecca started her professional life as a lawyer working in finance and translating on the side, she then switched to publishing and literature and have never looked back. My interest in people and how we express ourselves – my struggle to fit in and find a physical home – has meant that my interest in building in telling stories that bridge and open human experience has flourished. Publishing and particularly scouting has proven an ever evolving, relevant, important and creative way to help books find publishers and be published internationally as well as to transform and be adapted into other medium - Film/TV/Theatre/Radio and Podcast for example. I am now the Managing Partner, running and leading London Literary Scouting forward – we scout for twenty four publishers around the world, BBC Film, the National Theatre and a portfolio of other media companies.