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Speaker Frankfurter Buchmesse

Richard Klíčník


About Argo: 

Argo is a major Czech publisher, renowned for its vast list of literary fiction, nonfiction and poetry, as well as trade and mass market fiction.

Since 1992, books from Argo have won extraordinary acclaim, including numerous Czech and international awards. Argo's ability to combine literary excellence with commercial success brings the team to the fore of the Czech Republic’s publishing market.

Translations make up approximately seventy per cent of Argo's titles. The company publishes such present-day literary stars as Orhan Pamuk, Kazuo Ishiguro, Leïla Slimani, Margaret Atwood, Peter Høeg and Roberto Bolaño, alongside classics by James Joyce, Flannery O’Connor, George Orwell, Jorge Luis Borges, Herman Hesse, Franz Kafka, Jack Kerouac and more.

Argo pays special attention to contemporary fiction in English, continually introducing British and American writers like Cormac McCarthy, Don DeLillo, Thomas Pynchon, Hilary Mantel, Donna Tartt, Michael Chabon, Edward St Aubyn, Sarah Waters and David Sedaris.

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10. September 2024,

Market Focus: Czech Republic, Poland and Romania