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Presentation of the European book market statistics by FEP for 2022 and the first semester of 2023

In what is becoming a regular appointment at the Frankfurt Book Fair, the Federation of European Publishers presents the results of its annual statistical survey of the European book market. After an overview and some introductory remarks by the FEP President Ricardo Franco Levi, FEP’s Deputy Director and Economist Enrico Turrin will present the detailed data collected by FEP on the turnover from book sales and on the titles published by European book publishers in 2022, also looking at the evolution of formats and trade channels, and outline how main markets have performed thus far in 2023.

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Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1
60327 Frankfurt am Main

Federation of European Publishers
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Enrico Turrin

Deputy Director, Federation of European Publishers

Ricardo Franco Levi

President, Federation of European Publishers