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Book signing with the illustrator and author Gui Athayde (Brazil/Germany)

Starting from the question “Where do you have to go to find yourself”, Ground Floor reflects on the act of moving and leaving a home, with sparse text written in both English and Portuguese by Camilla Costa. The illustrations, by Gui Athayde, depict a person, or a body, in transition. Both authors are from Brazil and live in European countries. In the book, physical movement is grounded by internal stasis; or longing for a home that once was. The illustrations consume the pages in blues and reds, or sometimes get stripped back to leave only the text hand lettered and running parallel in both languages. Print in 2 special colors (blue and red)on Pólen paper 90g/m2 and Rives 250g/m2 (cover). There will be a book signing session with the illustrator Gui Athayde.

© Gui Athayde and Camilla Costa for Bebel Books



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Gui Athayde

Author and Illustrator

© Manaira Abreu

Bebel Abreu

Verlegerin, Bebel Books

Camilla Costa