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We hereby sincerely invite you and your colleagues to attend our rights meeting at our stand Hall5.1,B142. Get a first look at the latest and greatest content available.

Zhejiang Publishing United Group (ZPUG) is one of the largest all-inclusive publishing groups in China. The Group is specialized in every part of publishing industry, with a variety of product lines, including books, magazines, audio and video products, as well as digital and multimedia publications.ZPUG is also engaged in publishing-related commerce, such as trade and investment. In July 2019,Zhejiang Publishing & Media Co., Ltd, the subsidiary corporation of ZPUG, went public on Shanghai Stock Exchange.

At present, ZPUG has 5 wholly-owned subsidiaries, 11 publishing houses, and more than 140 wholly-owned entities. Zhejiang Publishing United Group is on the list of the world's Top 50 Publishing Companies, evaluated by the authoritative French industrial magazine Livre Hebdo. Domestically, the Group has been listed as the “Top 30 for Cultural Enterprises,” twelve times in a row.

As of 2022, the group has total assets of 32 billion RMB, and the annual sales revenue of 14 billion RMB, publishing more than ten thousand books a year.

Over the years, ZPUG has engaged in wide cooperative relationships with countries all around theworld. By establishing a variety of new platforms, we strive to promote Chinese publication, including print books, copyrights and related cultural products, and go beyond the boundary of its domestic market and actively engage with the world audience. To do so, we have formed ties with counterparts 



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