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Disguising your smartphone data from surveillance

How to create your own FANGØ. Disguised as a mobile phone charger, it works as a microcontroller that takes control of the smartphone when connected to it, to deceive data brokers in their data collection process. FANGØ is an art project and a DIY open project. The code and the 3D model are freely distributed.

https://fango.martinnadal.eu&nbsp(Öffnet neues Fenster);

Martin Nadal is a media artist currently based in Berlin whose work delves deeply into the technologies that are transforming our world. With a particular focus on the finance, blockchain, and neural networks, exploring its impact on society and culture. His works have been exhibited at Nam June Paik Center (KR), Radical Networks (US), Werkleitz (DE), ZKM (DE), Science Gallery Detroit (US), CODE+ (AR), Drugo More (HR), AKSIOMA (SI), Chronus Art Center (CN), and Electromuseum (RU).

https://martinnadal.eu&nbsp(Öffnet neues Fenster);

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Martin Nadal

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