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Florian Valerius, Bookseller at the traditional bookshop Gegenlicht in Trier, book blogger, member of the jury for the German Book Prize 2023

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Picture: © @derBelichta

Videoscript Florian Valerius

Happy 75th, dear Frankfurter Buchmesse. Some people retire at this age, you just go one better every year. Ever since I first wandered through the halls as a trainee, I've just been a huge fan. I think life without a book fair is possible, but pointless. There is no place in the world where the written word, literature, the book is so celebrated and so present for days on end. It is the encounters at the book fair, the wanted and the unwanted, that make this event so special. A gathering among like-minded people, among friends, among book maniacs. I hope for many many more years!


Florian Valerius on Instagram: @literarischernerd