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Meron Mendel, Publicist, historian, educator. Director of the Anne Frank Educational Centre, Frankfurt am Main

Meron Mendel

© IMAGO Michael Schick

Meron Mendel at Frankfurter Buchmesse on 11 October 2017, during a demo walk to the Antaios Verlag stand.

First of all: I am a big fan of Frankfurter Buchmesse. However, I remembered the 2017 Fair less for books and events. Rather, I think of the involuntary encounter with neo-Nazis. Back then, the Anne Frank Educational Centre was "paired up"  with Götz Kubitschek's extreme right-wing Antaios publishing house. Prominent right-wing extremists like Kubitschek, Björn Höcke and Martin Sellner, who were in the stand next door, paid us a visit. But I also remember the impressive commitment of many visitors who showed solidarity with us at our stand.