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Kathrin-Christa Reitz, Psychologist and author 

Kathrin-Christa Reitz

© Natalia Kalcheva

To mark the anniversary of Frankfurter Buchmesse, Kathrin-Christa Reitz is organising a book congress: 75 words of world literature are to be found - representing 75 book people. It's about strange soul connections, distant galaxies, artistic intelligence, a „word festival“, as she calls her fantastic story.

Word festival 

Shortly after midnight. Books stood close together on the shelves, perfectly presented for the 75th Frankfurter Buchmesse. The Congress of Books was in session. Invisible, inaudible to human ears. The books had voted. The panel consisted of "The Little Prince", "In the Name of the Rose" and "The Lord of the Rings". They now asked those works that were among the most widely read in the world to pick one word from their text. 

„Just one word,“ said "The Little Prince", „but it should touch the heart.“

„It should celebrate the imagination,“ said "The Lord of the Rings", „to create new worlds.“ 

„A word for time,“ nodded "In the Name of the Rose". „For yesterday, today and tomorrow.“ 
Book-page cheers rang out from the shelves, flooding through the halls.   

„These single words will nestle on the floor like an invisible carpet,“smiled "The Lord of the Rings"

„Most people won't notice.“ "In the Name of the Rose" nodded meaningfully. „The right ones, however, very much will.“    

„Who are the right ones?,“ a young slender pocketbook exclaimed excitedly.  

The books of the panel smiled indulgently.   

"In the Name of the Rose" continued. „Book people, and special ones at that. Our job is to pick 75 out of all the words. Each one gets a kind of barcode created in the Human Soul Library. It lies in distant galaxies beyond time. There, too, a panel has met and found 75 special beings: One human soul and one word each belong together.“

„The magic begins when they have found each other,“ said "The Little Prince". „That only happens with real book people. Their high energetic frequency tickles the words, that's what attracts them.“  

The books on the shelves sighed happily.   

„When they have found each other, individual stories emerge that are later carried into the world. Book man and word continue to write the story of their lives together, thanks to their so own AI, Artistic Intelligence.“  

„And why 75 words?,“ an audio book chimed euphoniously.   

"In the Name of the Rose" smirked. „Well, we're celebrating the 75th Frankfurter Buchmesse here in Frankfurt, aren't we? It's our way of celebrating this anniversary; with 75 fine words of world literature for selected book people. Let the great word festival begin!“ 


Kathrin-Christa Reitz lives in Aachen, where she works as a psychologist. As a sideline, she writes – mainly spiritual fairy tales. She has published a total of nine books so far but has never been to the Frankfurter Buchmesse. That is changing now: Her fantasy trilogy about „The Last Witch of Mont-Saint-Michel“ can be found in the joint exhibition of independent publishers (Hall 3.1).


With her story, Kathrin-Christa Reitz took part in Frankfurter Buchmesse's 75 stories campaign via Instagram in September. Like her, all winners will receive two weekend tickets for #fbm23 and also an anniversary chair after the fair.