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Katharina Robitzkat, Visitor

Katharina Robitzkat

Katharina Robitzkat at Niagara Falls in Canada, May 2023.

© Privat

When the leaves change their colours and the wardrobe changes from breezy summer dresses and shorts to cosy jumpers, bookworms all over the world notice: it's autumn and therefore time for Frankfurter Buchmesse again. In 2019, the fair attracted visitors with the breathtaking fjords of Norway and, of course, a superstar of dark, Nordic winter nights.

Jussi Adler-Olsen and a centipede 

Strictly speaking, Jussi Adler-Olsen comes from Denmark, but that didn't bother the book fair fans in the least. Like the legs of a centipede, they lined up in a long row in front of his signing table and even turned a corner in an elegant bend because the centipede wouldn't stop growing. 

Jussi Adler-Olsen's eagle eyes swept over the well-behaved waiting bookworms and their happy faces brought a smile to his lips. Then he signed and signed ... until the book pages of the „Department Q“ novels were smoking with excitement and anticipation of autumnal reading evenings by the fireside with Carl Mørck of Special Squad Q. 

One after the other, the bookworms moved on to the magical worlds of the Frankfurt exhibition halls with the precious work in their hands, and finally it was my turn. With trembling hands, I handed the thriller king from Copenhagen his new novel and, apart from saying „Thank you“, could hardly get a word out due to my excitement.

In an adrenaline rush at the Frankfurt Authors Conference 

As quickly as I had become a part of the centipede, I now disengaged myself from it and, with one last look back, crawled into a quiet corner to browse through the novel.  

Then I allowed myself a breather outside to get some fresh air and bring my heart rate back down. After all, the next experience at the book fair had what it took to get the adrenaline rushing through my veins again. At the Frankfurt Authors Conference, Melanie Raabe gave budding authors useful tips on writing and offered an insight into the genesis of her thriller „Die Falle“, which made some bookworms' hair stand on end. 

The only way to calm down was to look at Norwegian picture books – about snow-covered mountain passes and lonely islands. Yes, the far north of Europe can also be peaceful, and so my visit to the book fair that year ended in a feeling of comfort.



Katharina Robitzkat took part in Frankfurter Buchmesse's 75 stories campaign via Instagram in September. Like her, all winners will receive two weekend tickets for #fbm23 and also an anniversary chair after the fair.