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Christiane Busch, Book blogger

Christiane Busch

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My love of books developed before I was in primary school. My aunt was a librarian at the German National Library in Frankfurt and led me to books at an early age. I then visited the book fair with this aunt as a schoolgirl, with her trade visitor tickets. We roamed the aisles and drew each other's attention to interesting things. Then, sometime in the 2010s, I started reviewing books and posting those reviews on book sale sites.

Bookworm without a blog?

In order to be able to visit the book fair during the trade visitor days as well, I joined a guided tour in 2014. Together with several young women, an author led us around the fairgrounds, had booked appointments with publishers for us and gave us interesting facts about the fair. At the end, there was a small communicative exchange in the group, and I discovered that I was the only bookworm WITHOUT a blog, without a business card and, of course, without an Instagram or Facebook presence.

When I got home, I sat down with my husband and designed my book blog plus business card. Gradually, accounts on Facebook and Instagram were added. To fill the blog, I gradually transferred my book reviews.

Birthday in the ARD Forum

The years 2015 and 2016 followed, and I was able to visit the book fair with a press/blogger ticket. I was and am now always to be found there for 3-4 days. As my birthday is in October, I celebrated my 50th birthday in 2016 with a few book friends over coffee and cake at the ARD Forum. That was simply wonderful!

Since then, I've always been looking forward to the book fair, even taking a holiday. I almost always meet my book friends spontaneously at places that connect us. These are sometimes magical moments for me. At every fair there are wonderful experiences, be it conversations with authors, listening to interviews with authors, meeting people you've always wanted to meet. I therefore meticulously document all these experiences with photos, which also find their place on my blog.

That's how I discovered my love of photography, but that's another story ... in a new window) in a new window) in a new window)



Christiane Busch took part in the Frankfurt Book Fair's 75 Stories campaign via Instagram in September. Like her, all winners will receive two weekend tickets for #fbm23 and also an anniversary chair after the fair.