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Sabrina Krengel, Visitor

Sabrina Krengel

Sabrina Krengel at the Drachenfels, below her the Rhine Valley.

© Privat

It's early. Much too early to be standing at the station on a Saturday. As I board the ICE, the lyric „Why didn't you say no?“ from a hit song pops into my head. It's a good question. What do I want from a book fair? Even before I find an answer to that, the next question arises: Why didn't I think of reserving a seat?  

Then I wouldn't have to stand in the train the whole way from Cologne to Frankfurt.  

Small groups are sitting everywhere, talking about books and authors. So we all have the same goal. I feel a connection, but I still wonder if I fit in. Well, I like to read and sometimes I write short stories, but does that mean I have to go to Frankfurter Buchmesse? My friend said: „Yes.“ So I continue on.  

Arriving in Frankfurt, I get anxious, but why? It's a fair for books. Everything is casual. When I enter the heart of the fair, the shock. Lots of hustle and bustle, like an anthill. I am overwhelmed by the countless numbersof people, book stands and books. Actually, it's pure stress, but the palpable enthusiasm of those present calms me down.

To get an overview, I mingle with the book nuts. I had feared it would be boring, but it's the opposite. There is something to discover everywhere. I make my way to my personal highlight. The „Crimethrill Live“ with some of my favourite authors. Disillusionment comes quickly.  

I see the long queue. Without a reservation, I have no chance of getting in. Why didn't I prepare myself? It was a mistake, but I can't help it. After a short break, I plunge back into the melée. A glance at the clock reveals that I have far too little time to see everything. 

When I pass the S. Fischer stand, I can hardly believe my eyes. Arno Strobel, Ingo Bott and Klaus-Peter Wolf are standing there talking. A perfect end to the day. I take a photo with them as a memento. For me, one thing is certain: I'll be back next year, but then I'll prepare myself properly.



With her story, Sabrina Krengel took part in the Frankfurt Book Fair's 75 Stories campaign via Instagram in September. Like her, all winners will receive two weekend tickets for #fbm23 and also an anniversary chair after the fair.