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The creative process of book making, from sketch to book. With illustrator Nik Neves (Brazil/Germany) and publisher Bebel Abreu/Bebel Books (Brazil)

In a conversation between visual artist Nik Neves and publisher Bebel Abreu, they will discuss the creative process of making the silent comic book Acqua Alta, from sketch to the international edition. After the talk, there will be a book signing with Nik Neves. 

The project Acqua Alta was born from a creative trip to Venice, where the author Nik Neves drew the places he wandered through. There, he imagined a little girl in the scenes, living adventures that can be enjoyed by kids, their parents and everybody that likes Venice and getting lost while travelling. The little character detaches herself from her tourist group and wanders through less touristic places in The Floating City: Nik’s first idea was to publish the book like he drew, in black ink. Then his publisher, Bebel Abreu, from Bebel Books, contributed to transform a beautiful story into a beautiful book, printed in two special colours (petrol green and brick red) on special paper, patterned endpapers, handmade binding and carton cover.

© Nik Neves and Bebel Books

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