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Our panel of Library and Wiley leaders discuss how we can further advance research and discoverability with partnerships and AI

Today, open access is the primary modus operandi for publishers. And with the rise of artificial intelligence, there's much to discuss in how we can further advance research and discoverability. Our panel of Library and Wiley leaders will share their insights and in practice examples. They'll also discuss the important role transformative agreements play in accelerating the open access transition.

Moderator: Dr Rafael Ball, Director, ETH Library & Collections

Wiley Panelists: Ben Townsend, SVP Research Sales; Guido Herrmann, SVP Partner Solutions; Kathryn Sharples, GVP Publishing Strategy & Policy

Panel Discussion Advancing Research and Discoverability

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Dr Rafael Ball

Moderator, ETH Library and Collections

Ms Kathryn Sharples

Group Vice President, Publishing Strategy & Policy, Wiley

Mr Ben Townsend

Senior Vice President, Research Sales, Wiley

Dr Guido Herrmann

Senior Vice President, Partner Solutions, Wiley