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What’s the secret of Eugenia Almeida’s and Pedro Mairal’s writing, creating such convincing atmospheres and characters that you don’t want to put the books down, striking a chord around the world?

Eugenia Almeida and Pedro Mairal have been widely translated and have won important national and international awards. The two cover several genres and fascinate their readers with gripping stories. Almeida’s latest title “Scrapyard” (Desarmadero) is a fast-paced crime novel that operates as a harsh social X-ray, telling stories of little and big people, siblings, lovers, mothers and daughters, who are all drawn into the vortex of crime and corruption from which there is no escape. The most recent novel of Mairal, “The Woman from Uruguay” (La Uruguaya), is the surprising and moving story of a man on the verge of middle age whose daytrip to Montevideo to pick up cash and meet a beautiful young woman will transform him forever, comic and deeply serious at the same time.

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