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Excerpt from the well-known children's author's childhood story in Lebanon and essays on how biography, imagination and writing interact. With image projection

Andrea Karimé will read excerpts from her new book, including the chapter \"Alifbeet or The Fantasy of the Biogra-Fish\": memories and first encounters with other languages and the dramatic story of the author's time in Lebanon as a child. After earlier visits, she had been abducted there by her father. A stirring miniature novel.
In the second part, the book is about the interaction of biography, fantasy and writing. In the picture projection the collages from the book are shown, in which the author hides as a child and teenager...
Doris Hermanns (Bookwoman of the Year 2021) formulated in her blog:  \"What a wonderful imaginative book! For readers of Yoko Tawada and anyone interested in children's books and/or multilingualism. And beautifully illustrated, too. One of my favorite books this summer.\"

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