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The French star illustrator Benjamin Lacombe is looking forward to presenting his latest work »Stories of Samurai Women« to his German readers and fans at a book signing.

The French star illustrator Benjamin Lacombe is coming to the Frankfurt Book Fair, where he will be signing books on Friday and Saturday of the fair.

He's bringing along his newest work – the long-awaited “Stories of Samurai Women”, which in form lines up to the two successful volumes “Ghost Stories from Japan” and “Spirits and Creatures of Japan”, and in content picks up on the theme of Japan.

Benjamin Lacombe is available for questions during the book signings and looks forward to meeting his German readers and fans and to presenting them the »Stories of Samurai Women«, in which him and author Sébastien Perez have invested a lot of time, research and heart and soul.

Older titles by the illustrator that have already been purchased can, of course, also be brought to the book signing. Due to time constraints, however, the number of books to be signed per person is limited to one book, as Benjamin Lacombe paints a small illustration including a dedication in each book.
Exception: Any book purchased on site that is not to be signed with an illustration will also be signed by Lacombe with an autograph including a dedication.

Note: In order for as many fans as possible to be able to meet Benjamin Lacombe, pre-registration for both dates is unfortunately not possible. We ask for your understanding.

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