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Loes Botman is an internationally known Dutch pastel painter. She has published several children's books with Oberstebrink. She will sign books and postcards at the stand on Friday and Saturday.

Internationally renowned pastel artist Loes Botman will sign her books and postcards at the Oberstebrink stand on Friday and Saturday. 

A few words about the artist:

After completing her studies at the \"Royal Academy of Fine Arts\" in The Hague, Loes Botman specialised in drawing with pastels. She was fascinated by the simplicity of the pastel material and since then has been a passionate draughtswoman for whom the colours seem to flow from her fingers.

Since 2004, Ms Botman has also been drawing her works on wooden panels. Thanks to this unique method, the drawings can be stored without glass and thus acquire the feel of paintings. This unusual method requires a lot of skill and preparation. But it results in masterly drawings.

Her great passion is depicting animals. For many, these creatures and their presence are taken for granted, but imagine a world without animals - people would be very lonely. With her drawings, Loes Botman draws the viewer's attention to the beauty of the world around us, sharing beauty with us all.

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