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Book Presentation I don't swim where the crocodiles are

“I no longer swim where the
crocodiles are”
Sabine Kuegler grew up in the jungle of West Papua,
Indonesia. Her book \"Dschungelkind\" became a
worldwide bestseller. At the age of 17 she moved to
Europe and experienced a culture clash. Today she
lives in Hamburg, has children, friends and a job. But
she is still torn between two worlds, and the inner
struggle for her identity torments her. In the jungle,
she learned that in order to survive, you have to be-
come invisible - in the Western world, you have to be
visible. As a child she was trained to perceive her
world with all her senses, but here they are constantly
overstimulated. With a unique perspective, she looks
at our civilization from the outside and the inside: Are
we happy here? Alienated? Healthy? Sick?
As an adult, she returns to the jungle several times.
During one of these trips, Sabine Kuegler falls seri-
ously ill, is declared incurable, and makes a last des-
perate attempt to save herself. She leaves Germany,
putting her children in the care of their father, and re-
turns to the jungle to find a cure and to the culture
where she feels safe and protected. There she expe-
riences adventures that many people find hard to be-
lieve. In her new book, she tells for the first time about
this dramatic time, her search for healing, happiness,
and her place in life. In doing so, her unique life may
also open up the possibility of being a mediator be-
tween cultures in a globalized world.
Original title:
„Ich schwimme nicht mehr da,
wo die Krokodile sind“
Original language: German
Publication in November 2023
292 pages

© Philipp von Hessen

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