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Trieste as a place of cultural exchange, border city, and literary inspiration.

Trieste has always been a multicultural, multi-religious port city, where Italian, Austrian, Jewish, and Slovenian influences were brought together, sometimes in peace, sometimes in hostility. Authors such as James Joyce, Italo Svevo, Claudio Magris, and Boris Pahor have written about this. Pahor's novel Necropolis was adapted by Jurij Devetak into a graphic novel, which was published in Italian and Slovenian at the same time. Jurij Devetak will be joined by the famous Trieste journalist Sandor Tence to talk about the work and life of Boris Pahor, but above all about the extraordinary city of Trieste. The event will be hosted by Neva Šlibar, professor of German studies and former dean of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Ljubljana, who was born in Trieste but grew up in Vienna. The event will be interpreted into German and Italian.

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