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Bettina Göschl presents the latest volume of the series "Die Nordseedetektive" - with guitar Gitti.

Bettina Göschl presents \"Die Nordseedetektive. Giftalarm!\" - the latest volume in her children's (audio) book series with Klaus-Peter Wolf - in a musical reading with a book signing.

Emma and Lukas are horrified: Someone has put out poisoned bait, and many animals in the area have already eaten it. When Mozart, their friend Hanna von Hellershausen's new dog, is also in danger, the two North Sea detectives pick up the trail of the crime. With more than 300,000 copies sold of the series \"Die Nordseedetektive\" for children aged nine and up, the eleventh volume \"Giftalarm!\" - as always excitingly illustrated by Franziska Harvey. In it, Emma and Lukas' four-legged friend is in danger and the siblings find themselves in a race against time.

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Bettina Göschl