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To commemorate the publication of the German version of Villain to Kill, artist Eunji will present a digital drawing show.

Digital Drawing Show with Eunji, the artist of Webtoon <Villain to Kill>

Date : Oct. 20th (FRI)

Time : 11:30~12:00

Venue : Frankfurt International Stage (Between Hall 6.1. and 5.1.)

For this event, people with hearing aids or cochlear implants can borrow portable induction loops that connect to the translation system receivers. Translation will be provided into English and German. The induction slings are available at the particular stage without prior registration.

© Toyou's Dream

Live event


Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1
60327 Frankfurt am Main

Korea Creative Content Agency
Free access


Villain to Kill EUNJi Choi

Artist, Toyou's Dream