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How a writer, an eccentric pug and a botanist make friends

Elke Heidenreich found fame with her books about Nero, the fearless cat. This new story is about her beloved teddy bears, her pug Gustav and some less treasured neighbours. Especially Dr. Moormann, who’s always finding something to complain about. She grumbles about her neighbour’s sprawling garden, when her visitors laugh too loudly or when her dog barks. Since Gustav peed on her flowers, there’s always some argument brewing. But then one day, one of her teddy bears ends up on Mrs. Dr. Moormann’s lap while watching TV – and Gustav the pug keeps watch next to her when she’s sick. She shows a softer side. And it almost looks as if these two very different neighbours might become friends...

Buchcover "Frau Dr. Moormann & ich". Illustriert

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Elke Heidenreich