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Dialogue between a Sci-Fi-writer and a anthropologist

Meet Chen Qiufan, a science fiction writer, futurist, author of acclaimed works such as “Waste Tide“ and “AI 2041: Ten visions for our future”. His tales create profound insights into the potential of the human experience in an unpredictable technologically dominated future. Opposite him stands Prof. Xiang Biao, a distinguished anthropologist, the director of the Max-Planck-Institut für Enthnologische Forschung, and the author of \"Self as Method: Thinking through China and the World\". Xiang Biao has pioneered a conceptual framework known as the \"common worries,\" illuminating diverse models of global societies, while Chen Qiufan embarks on a transcultural odyssey, traversing the globe from his home in South China to distant countries. A mind synergy of two pioneering thinkers.

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Qiufan Chen


Professor Biao Xiang

Director, Max-Planck-Instituts für Ethnologische Forschung

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