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A conversation with author Gerda Breuer, Doris Kleilein and Katja Lis

The history of graphic design has largely been written without women. When they have nevertheless been mentioned, it has been as the wife, muse or assistant of famous men. Independent female designers are an exception in the historiography.

However, if one looks beneath the surface of this narrative, the influence that women graphic designers had on events becomes visible: they formed their own traditions, established dialogical references, became role models, established networks, tested themselves in self-empowerment. While they had to fight for their own professionalisation, they also stood up for the concerns of women or thwarted common gender-specific role patterns through countercultures.

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Katja Lis

Communication designer, entrepreneur and co-founder,

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Gerda Breuer


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Doris Kleilein

Architect, author and publisher, jovis Verlag